Sales Queries

Q1.Describe the Sales process from the time of searching lead?
Q2. How do you generate need or understand pain points of the client?Give examples of Question you ask?
Q3. How do you defend your quotation against a quotation from a competition?
Q4. Describe your strategy for retention post removal of all negative links?
Q5. How do u resolve conflict with client in case delivery fails to meet standards?
Q6. Who is right person to connect with for sale?
Q7.List the keypoints for finding a client suitable for a meeting.How do u spot a potential client?
Q8.Describe the telephonic sales pitch between yourself & Mr.Sharma from Star TV?
Q9. On what grounds do you consider a deal closed?
Q10.How often should you follow-up?
Q11.Describe your Maintenance Strategy?
Q12.Describe the Research Points you cover before going for the meeting?

Q1. What does a ----------------- do?
Q2. How old is the company?
Q3. What is Online Reputation Management/Perception Management???
Q4.What is Online Reputation management?How is it different from digital Marketing?
Q5.What are the three pillars of our services?
Q6.How do we protect a reputation from negative attacks?
Q7.How long does it take to show results?Why does it take so long?
Q8.How is aCrisis different from aRepair?
Q9.Will you Completely eliminate all of the negative reviews on the web?
Q10.How is the ORM company different from the PR Company?
Q11.If you identify a client with more than 5 defamatory links on the first page in that case what will you sell to that client?
Q12.Resolve the following Situation:

1. Convince a politician on how important the ORM is for his profile, where he does not even understand digital impact and gives more importance to offline media.
2. What to do in situations where client become rigid on disclosing the companies name for whom we are working?

Q13.What is benchmark Price/