Adwords PPC Tutorial11 How to Improve ROI by using custom event tracking and use Ad Url option advance

How to Improve ROI(Return on Investment) or conversion by using custom event tracking with UET Tag.

How to use UET Tag
1.In Bing,Generate UET Tag under Conversion Tracking
2.In Bing,Go to Shared Library then Audience then Create Remarketing List then choose custom events in category
3. category- clicklink,Action- click,Label-clicktolink
4.Membership Duration-30 days
5.Description- audience list for website click -
6.Tag name- ppc services
7.Scope Level- Across All Accounts
8.onclick=”window.uetq = window.uetq || []; window.uetq.push({ ‘ec’:’Event category’, ‘ea’:’Event action’, ‘el’:’Event label’, ‘ev’:’Event value’ });

Add this custom event tracking code on that action which you want to track.

9.Now replace Event category to clicklink,Event action to click,Event label to clicktolink
10.How to implementation of list -Now go to campaign in Bing,then ad group then Audience then Create Association and add your list

How to use Ad Url option advance Google Adwords

1. Enter same url which in your final destination with http,add forward slash and question mark ,source=google&medium=adwords&keyword={keyword}&matchtype={matchtype}&device={device}

2.Now goto Adwords Accont Settings Under Preferences -Enabled Auto tagging by Ticking Destination URL