Struts Java Framework1

Struts1X and Struts2X ( Pull MVC )are MVC Framework ,use to build Web Application , not support for model part

Support for View layer and Controller

For View Layer Tags:- 

1.Form Tags (Validation and Form BackUp Support)
2.Internatinalization Tag Support to your Presentation(Based on your Language you can change Browswer,You Can design Multiple Languages)
3.Logical Tags(Iteration and Conditional)
4.Tile Tag(Template Support)

For Controller Layer Tags:- 

1.Multi Action Controllers
2.Multi Button Controllers
3.Multi Form Controllers 
4.Exception Handler Support(Avoid Try Catch)
5.Plugin Class Support
6.Pre Post (Struts2X)Handling Support (Security and Prelogins)
7. INT Controller(Browser Language Tamil Teulgu Hindi)
8.Helper Classes(For Form Beans for Form BackUp and Validators for Validation)
9.Ajax Tag Support(Struts2X)
10.OGNL Object Graph Notational Support(Struts2X
11.Value Stacks

Configuration Not Required


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