DynamicAds in Ad center Video Bid PLA Display Ads Adwords PPC Tutorial 9

Google Product Listing Ads PLA Campaign

U have to create ads in google Merchant Center

U have to create feeds in merchant center and also in CSV Format

U have to link Google Merchant Center Account to Adwords Account under Setting

Dynamic Ads in Adcenter:-

1.Use Param1 and Param2

PPC Video Bid Strategy Tutorial for Display Ads:-

For Bids:-

1.Under Settings,Go to Bid Stategy then Edit
2.ECPC - Google increase your bid by 30% on your conversion and non performing keywords reduce by 100%,It should Enable when u have sufficient conversion tracking data. If you generated recent then dont enable ECPC because recently u have not conversion data ,analysis take time atleast for 7 days,Dont Enable at beginning frame so first keep it at manuaaly bid after 7 seven days enabled it.
3.CPA Bids/Conversion Optimizer- Google only charge for Enquiry.
4.Now When CPA Bids will Activate - Google put one threshold:-
  1.minimum required 14 conversion in 30 days.
  2. Conversion Tracking Code is must

CPA - For Full data From Beginning to End Conversion/Cost

CPA is not meant for 30days.In 30 Days it just Enable your CPA Radio button.

Target CPA:-

1.U have to put ur cost nearby (recommend Conversion/Cost bid ammount).If it not so google will not triggerr your ad.

Google Adwords Display Ads

1.Go to Adwords then +Campaign Tab then click Display Network only
2.Two major options u get:-
 cpc- cost per click
 cpm- cost per thousand impression
3.Viewable CPM means - if any user see your ad then only google will charge your ad.For example: My banner is at footer page and user did not go to at footerr part so google will not charge.
4.Budget - 500 per day
5.In Advanced Setting- Frequency capping  means one user is coming again and again .I will set 10 therefore after 10 times my ad will not show to that user .Just for limit the user.then Save Continue
6.Viewable CPM Bid- Rs 100
7.Select Display Keywords after Creating HEading Desc1 and Desc2 Save n Continue.
8.Click to +Ad red Button and Select Image Ad and Click on "Get ad ideas from" and put ur website URL.Click to create Ads.
9.Click on Update ideas top left and Put Text according to urself in Heading Desc1 Desc2 and Select all variations after choosing Template Click to Select and then Save at top right