Adwords PPC Tutorial12 How to set up Remarketing Account

How to set up Remarketing

For Search Network Only

1.Go to Adwords Account
2.Select Campaign.Also Check How many Adgroups you made in it,Ads and Landing page
3.Click Shared Library then Audiences then Set up Remarketing,U will get Code so paste above </body>
4.Click +Remarketing List Red Button then Put name and Click to Save.
5.Click All Online Campaign then Click campaign and Ad group Level then Click Audience Tab then Click +Remarketing Tab then Click +Add Targeting Tab then Click Interest and Remarketing Tab

For Display Network Only

1.Click "All Online Campaign" then "Campaign Tab" then "+Campaign Red Button"
2.Then Display Name then Choose Radio button of Remarketing
3.Default Bid Rs 5 per day and Save Continue
4.Then Click Display Ad Builder and Set Heading Desc1 and Desc2 then Review& finish